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Deputy Manager of the Central Health Region Says the Reopening of Land Borders Remain a Concern

In late December 2022, the government decided to postpone the reopening of the land borders. It was originally planned to be opened on the first day of 2022 but it was postponed to February 2022. The delay in opening will allow for the health system to better prepare for the emergence of the Omicron variant as. Deputy Manager of the Central Health Region Dr. Melissa Diaz says the reopening of the border remains a concern.

Dr.Melissa Diaz, Deputy Manager, Central Health Region: “It remains a concern but at this point what we’re doing is I know that the government had announced that it had been pushed back to February so we’re working in teams at the two borders to see how once it reopens what kind of measures will be phased in and how we could effectively ensure that it’s open as safely as possible.”

The postponement will also allow for adequate preparations be made for the education system’s return to hybrid learning on January 10, 2022. Internist Dr. Fernando Cuellar, says he immediately got frightened when he learned that the borders would reopened so soon.

Dr.Fernando Cuellar, Internist: I was frightened. I was scared. I was worried that it would have happened so early. I think I know enough of the process of how these decisions are made because I was involved at the beginning with the first thing and I said here we go again but this time it looks like indeed some more thought was given to it and they decided to delay it. It would have been even more scarier if we had opened two days ago and then we have this omicron, we’re expecting these huge number of people getting sick because we’re already seeing it already plus on top of that we have the land border to worry about so we got enough to chew on right now with dealing with our national, local population. We have to somehow squeeze in that school business. I am a proponent really for us to start to do that some way. I know some parents are worried or scared, that they won’t send their children to school because yeah that but we have to.”

Host: There will be some hesitancy I guess in the beginning.

Dr.Fernando Cuellar, Internist: Then they’re going to read how the Omni virus tends to affect a lot of children more than adults so even that will be in the mix up of the discussion but overall the omicron, I didn’t get the question that way which one I prefer delta or Omni, and I think to not dodge the question I would say Omni because it would make you get sick but the risk of getting really ill and ending up in the ICU and dying.”