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Deputy PM Says His Duty is to Work Hard Despite Any Portfolio Assigned

As noted Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega was stripped of one of what is considered on the most powerful ministries, that of lands. In making the announcement today, Prime Minister Barrow said Vega himself had requested being relieved of the ministry prior to the elections. Many consider the removal of the Ministry of Lands as a demotion for Vega.  He told us he does not share that view.


I work hard with what I have, do the best at anything and that is my nature. It doesn’t really bother me what people say. If you remember the last time when forestry was removed from me they said the same thing to me they said I was being demoted. Now it is given to me they say that I am still being demoted. I think there is a level of politics in that perception and it doesn’t make any difference to me. I am going to still be Gapi, I am still going to work hard for my people. My number one responsibility is to ensure that the people of Orange Walk get their fair share of whatever the government has to give and after that God will tell. I am really satisfied with what we did with Agriculture and I’m hoping that we will be able to move up Fisheries and Forestry. I had Forestry once so I have a little idea of that. I now have a young vibrant high capacity person in the name of Omar Figueroa and two experienced CEOs. I think the Ministry will again look good. Lands is challenging and it will never stop, it takes a lot of energy, a lot of people don’t realize how many hours I invested in that Ministry and at the end of the day you can’t leap, you move like  little ant forward, moving forward but so slow and it is sometimes frustrating.”

As mentioned, Gaspar Vega remains as Deputy Prime Minister but now has the responsibility for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.  His Minister of State, Omar Figueroa has responsibility for Environment and Sustainable Development.