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Deputy PM Says the Government System Needs Revamping

The revelations coming out of the Special Select Senate Inquiry on the Auditor General’s Report on Immigration have been incredible.  The suspected or known hustling that was taking place is being cemented as several officers have been responding to queries presented by the Senators.  While it has been noted that these acts of corruption have been happening under both administrations, Love News asked Deputy Prime Minister to speak on what has been unfolding under the Barrow administration which he is a part of.


“I think what is clear is that there is a lot that has gone wrong in the immigration department as is the case with other areas of the government that are notorious for corruption. I think what is clear is that while everybody seems to want to place blame on the politicians that in fact there is much more going wrong and what is really needed rather than the pointing of fingers is for us to revamp the system and get a kind of system going that is transparent and that is open where these kinds of abuses won’t take place.”

Today saw the 12th meeting of the Special Select Senate Committee in Belmopan on the Auditor General’s Report for the period 2011 – 2013.