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Deputy PM Says the Lands Department was a Hot Bed of Corruption

Former Prime Minister Dean Barrow has labelled the Lands Department a hot bed of corruption. Singing the same song today was the Minister of Natural Resources, Cordel Hyde who says the Lands Department is filled with cases of corruption. Minister Hyde says his team is doing its best to rectify the mess left behind by the previous administration.

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “We had a case a lady was brought to tears. She came to apply for her land, she’s lived there for many many years. She’s not been able to get any papers for the longest time and then when we approved it we recommend her she finally goes and when she gets there she finds out someone else has title for her land she’s in tears. We have a number of those cases that’s popped up today where people lived on their land, living there for many years only to find out that just recently someone got title to the land even though they’ve lived there, really sad and difficult cases but we’ll have to try to do everything we can in the department to try to remedy that.”

Reporter: How do you go about solving something like that where you have people living on a land under the presumption they own this land for so many years just to find out after so many building homes in some cases just to find out, how do you go about settling a situation like that ?

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “It’s not so easy and with good sense and decency and good heart will have to prevail here but we’ll have to reach out to those people who have gotten the title recently to try to work it out, to try to make it such that persons who’ve lived there for the longest and who have been trying for the longest to get their papers and who’ve not been able to get it, to see how  we can help them. We are going to presume that those people who got title recently got title assuming that it was a land that was vacant and in that case then we can try to work out something that pleases everyone. But in some cases you may find that those persons who recently got the title want to be malicious and want to drive a hard bargain and then that’s a different matter, you’d have to be very creative with that.”