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Government & Politics

Deputy Prime Minister comments on upcoming City Council convention

The campaign mode is in full effect for the nine municipalities around the country that will be going into elections in March 2018.  In Belize City, many eyes are on the race between Phillip Willoughby and Dion Leslie.  Mayor Darrell Bradley has pledged his support for Leslie and so has Albert Area Representative, Tracy Panton.  Love News asked Minister Faber where his support will go as he is the Area Representative for the Collet Division in Belize City.


Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister

“Well that is a very tough one, a very very tough one. Both the candidates who are offering themselves are great individuals, very different individuals and they go about achieving their goals very differently and I would say that either one of them that becomes the mayor of Belize City I think the Belize City residents are in for good leadership that will see concrete deliverables. Both of these men as well if you want to get into the politics of it were on my side in terms of the deputy leadership race so if it came down to a question of loyalty I would also be in a bind and so what I’ve said to both individuals is that I officially will not get involved in the campaign. I’ve opened my residence for Collet and those who campaigned with me to meetings of both candidates and I will lead this really up to the people to decide and I’m comfortable doing that because for me either of them that becomes mayor I am sure that we will get good leadership and so we have nothing to lose; either way it goes I think we will be in good hands.”



“Is that just the usual political rhetoric or good PR?”


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

No no not at all I believe in both of the gentlemen. Like I said they are different, the go about getting things done differently but Phillip Willoughby for instance nobody can dispute that Phil is hard working, that he achieves things; look at this role in terms of NEMO, CEMO as it is termed here and how much he gets stuff on the ground and Dion Leslie is the kind of person who once he sets his mind to something he goes out and gets it done. We’ve seen his performance deputy mayor and as sanitation councilor so really both individuals they really put me in a tough bind. I myself am going to find it difficult at the 27th convention to decide who I am going to vote for personally. It really is a bind and it’s not a politically generic answer I really do have respect for both gentlemen.”


Faber also spoke on Bradley’s decision not to seek re-election.


Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister

“I will say about the former mayor as well that I am sad to see that he did not continue. I think all would agree that he has been a stellar mayor, not without the issues with the relationship with the party but Darrell is a good guy and I really do want to wish him well in whatever he chooses to be. This is not goodbye I am sure from the arms of the UDP. I’m pretty sure his political ambitions especially as it relates to the general elections are not dead.”



“But do you feel that it puts the party at risk of losing the upcoming municipals because of the fact that he has raised the bar so high for running the city?”


Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“Well you are right they are not easy shoes to fill, Mayor Bradley has done a yeoman’s job in terms of delivering quality work for the city and so it’s going to be tough shoes to fill but like I said both of the gentlemen in their own way will be able to deliver and remember that this is not a job for one individual. I think Mayor Bradley that may have been one of his faults to take it all on his own but a good competent mayor leaning on the strength of his city councilors and the wider support from the city council employees and advisors I think can get the job up to the level of the current mayor.”


When asked to comment on the issue arising in Belmopan with Councilor Anna Buy and Area Representative, John Saldivar, Minister Faber noted that he would rather not comment on that issue at the moment.  Faber had made public his support for Guy after she was not approved for the upcoming Belmopan City Council slate.

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