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Deputy Prime Minister discussed education campaign on ICJ

In April 2019, Belizeans will be asked to participate in the referendum to decide whether or not to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice. It is the single most important choice the citizens have to make regarding the sovereignty of Belize as the outcome can either divide or unite the country.  The education campaign on the ICJ was recently launched. The government received funds to assist in its “Yes” campaign, including half a million Belize dollars from the United Nations Development Program and the United States State Department. Love News asked Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber about the progress of the education campaign.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: We do need to step up in terms of that campaign in terms of getting out the facts and in terms of appealing to Belizeans not to go so much by just your emotions, but rather look at the facts. And at the end of the day, that is what I would like to say to Belizeans; look at the facts. Don’t just join a movement or jump on the bandwagon. Look at the facts and you make the determination for yourself. The big issue; where are these funds to come from and we continue to try to secure that kind of funding. As I’ve said, a contribution was made just this week and we’re hoping that it can be beefed up.”

Faber said the government would like the public to decide on a yes vote, however, he stressed the importance of being informed.