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Deputy Prime Minister Returns from Cuba on Fidel Castro’s Passing

Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber is back in the country after traveling to Cuba to attend several events in honor of Fidel Castro.  Love News met up with him today and asked him to comment on his travel.


It was a great experience they did not really have a funeral as some people have been saying in fact Commandante Fidel was cremated I think the following day after his death and what was happening is that they had a viewing of his work at the Jose Marti Square and then there was the Tuesday I think it was the heads from all over gathered to pay homage to Fidel Castro. That for me was as very great honor sitting there on the stage with world leaders and listening to them account on Fidel’s contribution to their countries and regions. I remember a particularly moving speech from the President of Namibia and from the President of South Africa and some of the Asian countries like Vietnam. These are areas of Fidel’s work that people did not necessarily know about, they knew about the opposition to the US taking over their country but the people did not, and certainly I got very enlightened as to the depth at which Mr.Castro was in deliberation of these African countries in particular.”

Minister Faber says despite the criticisms and obstacles placed in his political career, Fidel Castro was widely loved and respected which was extremely evident in Cuba as they mourned the passing of the revolutionary leader.


He was certainly a revolutionary and I think rather than give my opinion there we should look at the outpouring that came in his death. If you look at the gathering that came out from other countries on that Tuesday evening to honor Fidel there were people who sung his praise from all the continents of the world and so for a man to be extolled in this manner speaks volumes of his contributions. In his own native Cuba it would seem to me very evident as we moved around Havana but also as I looked at Cuban television and I saw the common people give their comments about Fidel there was no doubt in my mind that he was loved, that he was appreciated, on the local level but also on the regional and especially the international level this was a great man who nobody can dispute affected the turn of events in the world and I was happy to be a part of the celebration of his life.”

Interestingly, it was noted that Cuba has banned naming any monuments or roads after Fidel Castro as was his request prior to his death.