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Derek Aikman dead at 59

Former elected Area Representative, Derek Aikman, passed away at the age of fifty-nine on Sunday, March 3.  Aikman rose to political fame in 1984 when he made history by defeating the Right Honourable George Cadle Price in the Freetown Division under the umbrella of the United Democratic Party.  His loyalty to the UDP lasted less than a decade when Aikman decided in 1992 to team up with his colleague, Philip Goldson in forming the National Alliance for Belizean Rights.  Aikman also served Belize as Belize City Mayor.  He is survived by his wife, Kim Aikman and her three children.  The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has issued a release on Aikman’s passing, extending condolences to the family and noting, quote, “Mr. Aikman, who first became a member of the National Assembly and Minister of Government in 1984, was undoubtedly a towering figure in Belize, whose love for his nation knew no bounds. He has earned his place in our history books and the nation is surely poorer at this untimely loss.”  End of quote.  The Freetown Division issued a statement  as well, saying, ‘Derek Leopoldo Aikman’s name will forever be etched in Belize’s history books as a great political Leader, audacious businessman, and as an all-around, good man.’