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Deserine Usher launches Queen of the Bay book

Last Friday night saw the launch of a publication dedicated to the past queens of the bay. The book looks at the history of the illustrious pageant and was put together by Queen of the Bay 1993, Deserine Usher. She told us where the inspiration for the book came from.

Deserine Usher

Last year, the Queen of the Bay Committee had a state ball and I was invited. All past queens were invited and that was so special to be there. It was a first time in so many years that I felt like a queen but my thought was, you know what, you go there, you have fun and that memory stays there. I’m like; we need to do something else so I came up with the idea to do this magazine so we could compile all the information from past queens to put in one book. I started on the 23rd of July and it was completed thanks to BRC Printing, they worked with me, they had a lot of patience with me. Thanks to the past queens the information was there and like I mentioned to you earlier I need to make sure that I have a second edition because the information is endless. The book is available from past queens of the bay.