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Despite disability, DJ Jaelen performed exceptionally well

The twin town leg of the second annual Belikin Belize DJ Championship was held in San Ignacio last week Saturday. DJ Iconic (VO SHYNE DEEJAYS ) emerged victorious after competing against three other deejays.  Love news spoke with Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, about the competition.

Shyne Barrow Music Ambassador: “So you have four DJ’s and you have five rounds and each round has a different genre that they have to perform and the skill set that we are looking for is knowledge of music, knowledge of equipment, scratching, blending, beat matching, transitioning. We have a pretty learned veterans of the DJ Industry that came together to create the criteria as to what we are looking for in this drive to discover the next generation of great DJ’s.”

And while DJ Iconic was the winner, DJ Jaelen was recognized for his remarkable performance despite his disability.

Shyne Barrow Music Ambassador: He is a handicapped young man who has not allowed his handicap to deter him and that to me is very inspirational so that in itself is the sign of a champion. When he reached out to me I took him seriously and he just wanted to be a part of it. I signed him up and allowed him to compete which for me was a form of giving him dignity and giving him his respect as a human being and putting him in there with everyone and not trying to make too much of his disabilities but to encourage him.”

Meanwhile, DJ Base was the winner of the Stann Creek District, DJ Shawn Cal was the winner of the competition held in Belmopan, and DJ Pree was the winner of the competition held in the Toledo District. The next leg of the competition will take place on Friday in Corozal Town. DJ Iconic along with the other winners will go on to compete in the national competition, which will be held on March 22 in Dangriga.