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DFC Employees Dismissed; Labour Act Procedures Were Not Followed

Three employees of the Development Finance Cooperation (DFC) in Belmopan were this morning escorted out of the building after being terminated. We understand that those workers were escorted this morning out of the building after being dismissed on the grounds of redundancy. Members of the Christian Workers’ Union responded with a protest, which moved from banging of furniture to the street in front of the office. Love News spoke to Pablo Cawich, the union’s Chief Shop Steward at the DFC. 

Pablo Cawich, Chief Shop Steward, CWU: “We at the CWU had informed them that due to their lack of adherence to the ACT, we were not accepting the notices. Hence, in our views, the employees had not been terminated. Our job is to ensure fair treatment of everyone and again in our view, in this case that was not done so, we have to stand beside our brothers and sixers to ensure that fairness is adhered to. Every hour, for 30 seconds, we bang our tables, not to damage them but just to express our dissatisfaction with the circumstances that we’re in.” 

The union’s response is the result of what they say is a violation by the DFC of the Labour Act. However, a meeting is being planned for tomorrow with the Ministry of Labour. Cawich explains. 

Pablo Cawich, Chief Shop Steward, CWU: “We have a meeting with the Labour Department tomorrow, CWU, and DFC Management.”

Reporter: What are some of those major concerns that will be drafted up by you and your group?

Pablo Cawich, Chief Shop Steward, CWU: “Well the process itself. That was always the issue. We kept implying that the process was not being followed correctly and that’s all we were asking for. The process ensures that fairness is applied and in our view, that was not the case in this instance.”

We will provide an update tomorrow after the meeting.