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DFC receives eight consolidated line of credit from CDB

The Development Finance Cooperation, DFC has received forty million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank, CDB. This is the eighth consolidated line of credit that the CDB has granted the Belizean lending institution. Marketing Officer Hipolito Bautista at the DFC spoke more about the project launch that was held this morning.

Hipolito Bautista – Marketing Officer, DFC

“It’s a project launch for our eight consolidated line of credit which Is given by the Caribbean Development Bank to the DFC for affordable lending to Belizeans for home financing, for business development, for productive sector, financing agriculture etc. as well as we have a renewable energy component where we are promoting for different businesses and homes if they want to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency they will be able to access that financing form the DFC. This demonstrates the continued confidence that CDB as a Caribbean Development Bank has in our local development bank which is the Development of Finance Corporation. We have made significant investments over the years to support our agricultural sector like I had said we invest with the sugar cane farmers up north, with the banana, shrimp, orange citrus down south. We provide affordable home financing like I had said for the low, low income Belizeans and that’s our purpose so the success has been significant and this is why comparative to last year our seventh line of credit was twenty million Belize and this line of credit has been doubled it is now forty million Belize so we will continue to invest in the development of our economy as well as out Belizean people.”

The money also covers educational loans to students.