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DHS gives an update on recent covid-19 cases

Forty one new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Belize.  Five persons have recovered from the virus and there is a sixth death of a Covid-19 infected person. 

Forty one new Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Belize.  Five persons have recovered from the virus and there is a sixth death of a Covid-19 infected person.  The Belize District continues to see additional cases which includes the number for Ambergris Caye.  The Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero gave an overview of the Covid-19 statistics in today’s press conference.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services:These are samples that were processed yesterday. We had 272 tests done. Out of those we had 41 samples as positive: 2 in Corozal, 7 in Orange Walk, for the Belize district we had a total of 23 with 15 of those being in San Pedro, 8 in the rest of the Belize district. The Cayo district had a total of 9 with 5 around San Ignacio and 4 in Belmopan and as we have always been stating over the last couple of days is this is preliminary data because once you tease it out it could very well be that the five reported in San Ignacio are only because they were swabbed in San Ignacio Community Hospital but they could have been from other villages around San Ignacio so we’ll have that data further broken down in tomorrow’s report. We have out of the samples processed yesterday five recovered cases 2 from the Orange Walk district, 1 from Corozal, 1 from Belize City and 1 in San Pedro. We can anticipate that as we move along we should start having the recovery of cases from San Pedro because you know we have completed that 14-21 day sample. As we had said we also would give a further break down with a 24 hour delay more or less of where the cases are coming from. So yesterday we reported 52 new cases 10 of those were in the Belize district and we had cases in Belize City.7 in Caye Caulker, Ladyville and San Pedro. For the Cayo district we had cases in Benque, San Ignacio, Santa Elena and Succotz. For Corozal we had in Alta Mira, Caledonia, Xunux and Concepcion. For Orange Walk which is where the bulk of the cases were positive yesterday we had cases in August Pine Ridge, Blue Creek, Louisiana, Orange Walk Town, San Antonio, San Estevan, San Felipe, San Jose, San Jose Palmar, Santa Martha,  Trial Farm and Yo Creek.”

As mentioned, a sixth person has died but according to health officials it is not fully certain that the patient was killed by Covid-19.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “In terms of patients that are at Karl Heusner we have three intubated patients and two in the area that’s the COVID-19 area that are not intubated. My understanding from Karl Huesner staff is that one of those persons may actually be discharged today, one of the non intubated patients. So it’s one male and two females that are intubated at Karl Heusner. Southern Health Region Hospital also has one patient that is more than likely going to be discharged later on today. As you know we have had five deaths that are associated to SARS COV 2 and we have a sixth case that SARSCOV2 is not listed as the primary reason why the patient died but the patient was positive for SARSCOV2 so even though that’s not classified as a direct cause of death international classification sites that you report it as a SARS COV case that has died as a result.”

In today’s press conference Prime Minister reflected on the numbers of cases in Belize and noted that he remains hopeful that the numbers will decrease if and only if Belizeans obey the new measures aimed at decreasing the number of infections.

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: “If indeed the majority of the cases that we continue to see are from contacts of contacts of contacts of the original contacts then I don’t think that we need to be as worried as the total numbers might want to suggest. Not that we can feel in the slightest degree comfortable but I just want to be clear that in my mind and this is the message that I wish to communicate to the general public, again while caution is the watch word, while all that has happened clearly is for us a learning experience while clearly we could have no better motivation for reforming our patterns of behavior which to a large extent those patterns are responsible principally for what is now taking place.”