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DHS says baby Trevane never had a pulse when father brought infant to hospital

Troy Banner was charged with manslaughter for the death of his 8 week old son Trevane on June 5. The result of the autopsy showed that the infant died from multiple skull fractures due to battered child syndrome. At the time of the incident, Banner told the media that the infant died from an adrenaline overdose at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan. We asked the Director of Health Services Marvin Manzanero about the conclusion of his office’s investigation.

Dr. Marvin Manzanero – Director of Health Services: “We got a police medical report form before it was even flagged as a police case because the baby in the initial report in our health facility arrived with no pulse but we still did all the cardiopulmonary substation that is wanted in any case arriving like that. Once we alerted the police and the social worker of what we had found in the initial physical examination, then it becomes a police case, then we just follow the process and we got copies of that medical autopsy. Since it is a legal case now I would rather not make any comments. We have concluded our investigation and that process will follow and the report may come up whenever the legal case comes up.”

Banner was offered bail at $10,000 along with two sureties.  He will return to court on September four. As we reported, based on the results of the post mortem, the baby boy died due to fractures to the head and back – what is known as battered child syndrome.