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Diabetic patient concerned over lack of medication at public health facilities

If you are diabetic you would know what metformin is. Metformin is the first-line medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, particularly in people who are overweight. Well according to Silvia Waight, there is a shortage of metformin.

Silvia Waight – Diabetic patient
“Couple months ago it was being rationed at Cleopatra White. Yesterday I went to Cleopatra White to get my quota for a month and I was told there was none. I asked when will you be getting any, they said next month. I said when, like in a week’s time? They said No. Thirty to thirtyone days from now. That was yesterday at Cleopatra White. Today, this morning I went to Matron Roberts and there was no Metformin at Matron Roberts. We’re in a crisis because there are thousands of Diabetics out there. In the interim for a whole month what am I supposed to do? I am not the only diabetic in the country, there is loads of us and we depend on that pharmaceutical.”

“What happens if you don’t take it when you should and how regularly do you take it?”

Silvia Waight – Diabetic patient
“What happens is that the glucose will shoot up unless I go completely totally vegetarian and eat only leaves like a rabbit because if I eat only carbohydrates it will eventually convert to glucose in my blood. So the glucose will keep shooting up. I can go into hyperglycemic shock. Cleopatra White, no Metformin. Matron Roberts Health Center, No Metformin.”

“That must be scary for you.”

Silvia Waight – Diabetic patient
“Yes of course. Because the anxiety alone can shoot up my glucose. Stress does carry up your glucose.”