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Diana Locke Yet to Be Confirmed by Public Service as Immigration Director

In February, we told you of the discussions taking place surrounding the seat for a Director of Immigration.  At the time of our report we told you that Diana Locke who is currently attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was the name being thrown out as the new Immigration Director.  We understand that while some persons on the ministerial level has given the nod for the move, there seems to be some conflict with the Ministry of Public Service.  Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse, however, says there is no conflict.


” That’s not a conflict at all. Clearly the intent was to have Ms. Diana Locke assume the position of director but that is subject to confirmation of the Public Service Commission. The PSC is set up to do that where public officers are concerned and they are going through their processes and their requirements and those have to be complied with. The Cabinet nor any minister can order them and that is the firewall between the political policy directorate and the administrative directorate so we have to admit to the decisions of the public service commission.”

In the interim, Maria Marin continues acting as the Director of Immigration.