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Diane Finnegan enters race for Lake I Division in the UDP camp

Youth advocate Dianne Finnegan has placed her name in the race for Standard Bearer for the United Democratic Party in the Lake Independence Division in Belize City. Finnegan is also the coordinator of the Youth Apprenticeship Program and she has been a leading figure in the mediation process with Belize City gangs that began in April of 2017. She told Love News why she has decided to enter politics and as well as her priorities for the division.

Diane Finnegan, Political Aspirant: I have worked with young people for so many years. I’ve heard their cry, I’ve been very vocal in talking about what is affecting our young people, what are some of the necessary options needed in order to create some kind of dignity, stability in our human beings and citizens of this country and I think it goes on deaf ears so I felt the only way I can accomplish this is if I’m inside. There is a Minister an area representative for teach constituency so there is absolutely no reason why people can’t be comfortable and living a comfortable life with such a small population, something is wrong. I’m determined to put a dent in that line of poverty.”

Finnegan is contesting the division along with Hilmer Samuel Cutkelvin, Jason Dexter Edwards, and Cecil Anthony Jenkins.