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Dianne Finnegan will Represent UDP in Lake I

The United Democratic Party (UDP) held a convention in the Lake Independence Constituency yesterday.  4 Candidates, Samuel Cutkelvin, Jason Edwards, Dianne Finnegan, and Cecil Jenkins competed in the convention. The polls at the Sadie Vernon High School opened at 9 and closed at 5 p.m. on Sunday. At approximately six p.m. UDP Chairman Alberto August announced Diane Finnegan as the winner.

Albert August Chairman UDP: “We entered today’s convention with four persons on the ballot. A total of 752 persons came out to vote and here now are the results of those ballots cast. We had 13 rejected ballots during the counting process, of the remaining ballots we had Samuel Cutkelvin with 6 votes, we have Jason Edwards with 228 votes, Cecil Jenkins with 232 votes and topping off the list your new elected standard bearer Diane Finnegan with 273 votes.

Diana FInnegan Standard Bearer UDP: I Marian Dianne Finnegan do solemnly swear that as the United Democratic Party Standard Bearer for the Lake Independence Constituency I will work diligently to bring victory to our United Democratic Party.”

IN 2015, the UDP was represented by Mark King who received 1,125 votes. Peoples United Party representative Cordel Hyde received 3124 votes, a victory of over 1,999 votes over the UDP representative. It’s a formidable number considering only 752 persons turned up for today’s convention and Finnegan receiving 273 votes. Love News asked the UDP Lake I. area Rep., how she plans gain additional numbers leading up to the next General Elections.

Jose Sanchez: “How do you get voters to come out? Looking at the numbers today does seem like low turnout, how do you push forward going up against your formidable opponent for this year?

Diana FInnegan Standard Bearer UDP: “Well let me tell you there may be a lot of reasons why there is a low voter turnout and I want to send one message if we are going to go in a ring and fight lets fight this out like human beings. I am not even going to say man and woman just let’s fight this as human beings, don’t manipulate the people to make a choice that they eventually will regret making, let people live.”

Jose Sanchez: “You do a lot of work with at risk youths particularly in the PIV area. How much of that support was a part of you campaign?

Diana FInnegan Standard Bearer UDP:A lot of these young people are a part of and were a part of the Youth Apprenticeship Program so while politics was never, even in my dreams, they woke up something in me that said I had to do more. “

Jose Sanchez: “ Had the Government required you to move from that position that you had at the Apprenticeship Program? or are you still going to be with it up to the election?

Diana FInnegan Standard Bearer UDP: Well you know the Youth Apprenticeship Program is connected to my soul, I don’t know if you know what it feels like to work with young people. I’m   in love with them all. I say to them all the time that I don’t see their faces because if I look at that I will discriminate. So I tap into their souls and that’s what truly drives me to love them endlessly. I don’t want to leave them, I really don’t want to but let’s see what happens as of today onward.”

Finnegan is the wife of Mesopotamia Area representative Michael Finnegan. Diane Finnegan enters electoral politics as her husband bows out and retires with his division in the care of his nephew Jamal Shyne Barrow. The UDP held another convention in Cayo South. 19 ballots were rejected.  Ramon Aleman received 111 votes; Ralph Huang received 428 votes and Ramon Witz received 839 votes. Witz will represent the UDP for the Cayo South division in the next General Elections.