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Dickie Bradley Says There Is Evidence of Corruption of Government Ministers

Richard Dickie Bradley has been retained by Mark Flowers as we have told you earlier.  With that attorney/client privilege now in play, Bradley has become privy to the information that his client claims to have against several Government officials.  This entire Mason saga is unprecedented in Belize and the extent of money laundering and corruption that Flowers has alleged the ministers of government to be involved is beyond serious and depending on he uses it just may cripple if not bring down the Barrow administration.  Bradley spoke on the statements made and the gravity of it all.


“He has been talking about dropping a bombshell, throwing a couple roadside bombs and this is not the total information that he has. In fact he was down in the Southern Command of the United States, this is not your ordinary policeman on the street that they are dealing with. This is a man who has been a part of the system and is angered by the way he has been treated over this matter over the fact that you can’t even go through the minimum procedure to say an allegation has been made against you and in the circumstances it is not proper for you to hold this high position. He is a human being he feels angry.”


“One of the questions a lot of people will ask when they see this is why come forth now if you have all this collection of evidence and know about the wrongdoings of these political people, why come forth now that your reputation is on the line or that you are being charged for something.”


“This is probably not the best example but it’s maybe like living with an abusive partner, you’ve been in that situation a couple years and then people say “She’s staying at men like that.” something happens to make a person realize and ask why they are doing this. So something must have happened and apparently it has to do in his view not only that for two years plus the Minister has not had the common decency of saying I am the Minister responsible for the security of the country, I am the minister responsible for the GSU , the buck stops with the minister you know. There are not just dozens of people who complain but hundreds of people. Some have had their arms broken, some have had their houses smashed up, a lady has had them keep her naked in front of her children, another woman has had someone put their finger in her vagina the worse kind of thing that is going, fabricating evidence, planting things and now we know the Minister has not once spoken to the man in charge of the worst unit of the country? A 15 year old was in front of Queen Street with a gun waiting to kill a man, it could have been any man. You think they can’t shoot ministers in Belize? You think that it’s’ only killers killing killers in Belize? Go ahead and beat them up, go ahead. So something must have triggered him to feel that he is sitting on all that information for a man who is disrespecting him and in his view is interfering in police investigation and police work to drag and bring him down because he has information that even before the allegation was made on the 19th of July that the Minister has said in the presence of other senior officer that “Flowers is going to go.” That is how he feels, he is angry about that, like I said that is another story bigger than this, that is huge, that involves how we are being governed in our nation that is a very serious matter.”

In tomorrow’s newscast we will have portions of Flowers interview.