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Did a Generator Failure at KHMH Lead to a Man’s Demise?

Earlier this week there was a power outage in Belize City that lasted approximately ten minutes. It affected the entire city including the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where the lives of people depend on electronic machines.  Subsequent to that power outage, there were allegations that a person had died at the hospital as a result of the hospital’s generator not functioning properly. Today we asked Dr. Adrian Coye, the Chief Executive Officer of the KHMH to respond to that allegation.


“I have not heard of that report first of all and I know that there was a complaint regarding the blackout but to say that it directly resulted in someone dying I would have to refute that. Secondly we have a very well maintained generator that is monthly tested and so that does come on when we have our black outs. Now the important thing about that is that when the generator comes on not every single location in the hospital will get current, only the critical area; the ICU’s, Operating theaters, emergency rooms etc. In each wards there are specific plugs that are also provided electricity so I’m not really sure about what has happened here, we can investigate it of course and we take all of these complaints seriously so if that person who has expressed it externally if they come to us let us know and then we can proceed in a much more detailed manner.”

Dr. Coye added that he is yet to receive any formal complaint about the death of a patient at the KHMH during the blackout.