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Did Ahmad’s report to police lead to his death?

As we mentioned earlier, the CIB and Professional Standards Branch are also looking into the role of the Special Assignment Team, SAT. Fareed Ahmad had made a report to the police, hours before he died. ACP Chester Williams says they are looking at whether that report had something to do with his death, but, so far they have been unable to obtain any substantive evidence that it did. Notwithstanding, ACP Williams adds that they will continue to follow up on the complaint Ahmad had made against the SAT.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“Well we are still looking to the complaint to see whether or not the members of SAT violated him in terms of what they did so it is still an issue that we will investigate but so far our investigation both from a criminal and administrative standpoint have not unearthed any nexus between the two complaints meaning between the complaint that he made and his death. So far the investigation is showing that W may have acted alone.”

Additionally, the SAT members were among the first to arrive at the scene of the incident. According to ACP Williams, they have indicated that they went there to inform the Hattieville police that the WPC had an issued firearm and that they wanted to search for it. Additionally, they claimed that they were unaware that Ahmad had been shot. And what of the allegation that Brown may have been used to set up Ahmad? ACP Williams says their information does not point to that.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“All the vehicles assigned to SAT as well as the other vehicles in Eastern Division are equipped with GPS and the GPS monitors the movement of the vehicles in a timely manner. We have gone through the GPS of all the SAT vehicles and the GPS did not reveal any of them leaving Eastern Division meaning Belize City before or after Fareed’s death except for one of them and that was the one that I met there the morning and based on the GPS reading they had left Belize City the morning just after 6 and they went to Hattieville.”

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch “Separate and apart from that too we have obtained reports from the team leaders of the SAT teams to ascertain their whereabouts and the movements of Ms.Brown and we also have video footage from the Police Station which shows Michelle Brown leaving the police station through the back gate alone around 8 p.m.  the night in question.”