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Did David Gonzalez Have a Permit for the Firearm he was Killed For?

Last week, we reported on the murder of 27-year-old David Gonzalez, the security guard who was killed for the weapon he had in his possession. Since his murder, the question of whether Gonzalez had a license for the gun in the first place came up. Anchor Security, the company Gonzalez worked for has told Love News that Gonzales had indeed received training to handle a firearm. But was he granted a special permit to be in possession of the firearm while on duty? That’s the question that was posed to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams. Here is how he responded.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Each security company applies to the Commissioner of Police for a security firm license. Once a security firm license is issued the company then needs to apply for the individual guards to be able to carry firearms because you can have an unarmed security company and you can have an armed security company. In the case of an armed security company which that company is that he was working for they would have to apply for each individual guard that they wish to carry a firearm to be issued a license to carry firearm for that company whilst on duty and I have not been able to check- I don’t want to lie to you I have not been able to check to ascertain if in fact that particular guard was issued one of those licenses. The owner of that security company yes he’s an ex police officer but he is not given any special treatment than any other security company license holde,  none. So whoever is giving you information tell them give you the proof. “