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Did Race Play a Role in the Death of Laddie Gillet?

And with many other things, the race card was brought into account with some alleging that Police had only acted aggressively because the children on the beach were black. It is a strong allegation which one of Laddie’s guardians, Emil Bradley responded to this morning.

Emil Bradley, Guardian: “We don’t want it to get like America where you’re even afraid to go out in the street, as a black kid you don’t even want to go on the street because you’re afraid that the police just pulls you over and shoot you. We don’t want Belize to get like that but it will get at some point if we continue down this line and we’re not receiving justice. For how long can we do this ? This is what we want in Belize ? No.”

Reporter: If it was two white boys on that beach do you think the police would have been called the quickly ? 

Emil Bradley, Guardian:“I wouldn’t want to go into all that. I don’t know they said they received information from the security guard I don’t know if he would have called the police. It’s just hard. It’s just hard for me the way that it happened and then people don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions.”