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Did the Doctor and the Major Leave G-10 Out in the Cold?

As you heard earlier there were a dozen men who made up the initial group that broke away just last week ….. but today, there are only ten as two of the men who signed the letter of demands, namely, Francis Smith and Major Lloyd Jones seem to have had a change of heart and were part of those who voted for an uncontested national convention for the PUP leadership.


“I thank Dr.Smith and Major Jones for coming this afternoon and letting their positions be heard to the other members of the National Executive and other Standard Bearers. I think it was important for them to come and to let all of us hear what their position is and why they put their signature to that letter. I believe as you said they can answer for themselves however they did support the positions taken today to hold the national convention at the earliest possible date and hold an uncontested national convention for the party leader and also for the nationwide consultations to begin this Sunday in Cayo.”

Late this evening, Love News was told that Smith in no way endorsed Fonseca at today’s meeting.  In the coming days, it will be interesting to see how the G-10 will react to these resolutions passed in their absence.  Incidentally, we understand that there is a unity rally scheduled for this weekend in the Cayo District.  It is being coordinated by the Western Caucus but there is one senior and seasoned politician from the west that is a part of the G-10, namely, Dan Silva, it is anybody’s guess whether his supporters will come out to support Fonseca.