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Digi making dreams come through

Digi is assisting twenty-five students to reach their educational goals and at the same time lightening the financial burden which comes with higher education for their parents. A short ceremony was held this morning where the twenty-five deserving students were awarded with the scholarships. Anika Henry, the Advertising and Communications Representative, spoke to the media about the 2019 Scholarship recipients.
Anika Henry – Advertising and Communications Representative: “They are well deserving kids, they are smart, they are energetic and of course they can’t really afford to go to school unless they get the assistance. It is a full scholarship: they get full tuition paid, they get textbooks, they get a uniform stipend and we also have tutoring. There are a bunch of things that go along with the Digi Scholarship Program. Every semester they need to bring in their progress report cards, we track those. If they are not doing well in certain subject areas that is where the tutoring comes in. We assist them to find tutors and tutoring so that their grades can improve. We want them to stay on the program so we try to do as much as we can to have them involved and stay on the program.”
With these scholarships, the students will be able to soar in their educational pursuits like Keisha Ferguson, a 2015 scholarship recipient.
Keisha Ferguson – 2015 Scholarship Recipient: “My advice to you today is to believe in yourself, anything that you aspire to do or to be is possible if you believe and persevere. I proudly say welcome to the Belize Telemedia Scholarship Program, I pass the torch on to you guys. Your hard work and dedication has truly been recognized and that is why you’re sitting here today. This is only the start of your four-year journey. Make room for the upcoming accomplishments because I am sure there will be plenty. I am certain that I am in a room filled with success, passion, hunger, optimism, I can smell it, I can feel it. Like the famous politician and bodybuilder, Arnold  Schwarzenegger said you cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. Get out there, work hard, work smart and you will achieve your goals. Your presence here today shows me that you are climbing that ladder with strength, agility and that you are ready to dig your hands deep and get them dirty. The next four years of being apart of the Scholarship Program will be a memorable one for you. Go forth and strive for nothing but the best, light your candle, light your world.”
Emily Charley, one of the recipients, shared how proud her parents are.
Emily Charley: “They are really proud, they have seen me grow as an individual, as a student and they have encouraged me a lot. They have played an amazing role in my life that has helped me so much and I believe that without them I wouldn’t be able to be here and especially without God, I would not be here.”
Digi has been assisting students to have a bright future since 1991 and today’s scholarship recipients bring the total number of scholarship recipients to six hundred.