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Diginet, one year later

The internet has transformed the way in which business is done and it has turned the world into a global village.  Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) is in the process of switching from broadband to fiber optic through its diginet program in order to provide even faster internet service to its customers. Vanessa Bowman, Senior Product Representative at BTL, told Love News that diginet is celebrating its one year anniversary and shared where the program has already been rolled out.

Vanessa Bowman – Senior Product Representative, BTL: Diginet is our fiber based internet service. It is for home and business and we are currently rolling out this service throughout the country. We started out in San Pedro and then we came to Belize City. We are officially up North in Corozal and Orange Walk and we have been to Belmopan, Ladyville and Northside Belize City. It’s a state of the art network; it’s fiber for one so that is definitely something that is going to set the platform for us to do other services and offer customer quality service so as opposed to what we currently have in other areas where fiber is not rolled out as yet. It is definitely a better quality internet service and it like I said it will set the platform for us to offer better services to our customers so it’s definitely something that is going to set Belize on the map to be in the top within this region. We also have weekly giveaways that we have already started today. We raffled a 55 inch tv for one of our Diginet customers. She is lucky to win this tv and she is all the way from Placencia so we are in Placencia. She is one of our lucky winners for this month and every week we will be raffling a 55 inch tv or a ps4.

BTL is hoping to provide the service to twenty thousand customers by the end of this year.