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Digitial tourism discussed

The Belize Tourism Board held its third annual digital summit in Belize City. According to BTB’s Digital Marketing Manager, Maynor Larrieu, the one day event provided an unique learning experience for tourism stakeholders by providing opportunities for information sharing and insights by some of the top professionals within the digital marketing business.

Maynor Larrieu – BTB’s Digital Marketing Manager
“The main focus is to inspire stakeholders and to challenge them to do more. One of the things I think is a key takeaway and benefit of coming to the summit is the fact that you get to stack up on your digital toolbox every year we kind of have to have a little refresher and what better way than by bringing ten international presenters to come and present to our local stakeholders where they can see new trends and ideas and inspire them to go back to their hotels and tour operators and try new things and just enlarge the digital voice for the destination of Belize.”

“Let’s talk a bit about the target that you were looking for to be a part of this summit, the people who actually attend the summit.”

Maynor Larrieu – BTB’s Digital Marketing Manager
“Well our main target is the tourism industry however in the past we have seen interest from other industries. If you really think about it Belize is going through a digital transformation right now I’ve looked at other businesses in Belize in the media you are all doing Facebook live and there is a whole process to get you guys to do that so I think our target is the tourism stakeholders however we do get a little bit of other industries here today.”

About one hundred businesses participated in the summit held at the Belize Best Western Hotel.