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Director of National Sports Council sets the record straight.

In media reports last month there were claims that Belize was suspended from the CODICADER games since the Government of Belize was unable to host the CODICADER special athletes’ competition. However, today at a press conference, the Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones set the record straight.


Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones:

I know a couple weeks ago the media wasn’t very nice to the National Sports Council when it was rumored that we would be suspended from CODICADER. As the weeks went by that proved to be an incorrect statement and so today we are here to showcase our many athletes who have been training over the past couple weeks to prepare for the CODICADER U-15 games.


The Deputy Director of the National Sports Council, Charlie Slusher reiterated the Director’s remarks concerning Belize’s standing with CODICADER.


Deputy Director, Charlie Slusher:

“Today, as the Director mentioned, is a very historic day. As he had mentioned earlier that a lot of talk was about Belize being banned and all the other negativity, but we just want the public to know because there was some kind of impression like the National Sports Council or the Ministry is not doing enough when it comes to CODICADER. Today is a living testament that the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sports continue to do its best for Belize when it comes to participation in the CODICADER games.”