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Disability Week Celebrated in Belize City

In April the Stella Maris School in Belize City celebrated a milestone, 60 years. The school for those living with diverse abilities is also having activities for students, faculty, staff and the public all week long. It is Disability Week and Principal Karema Oshon told Love news about some of the activities that they have planned.

Jose Sanchez: We all have loved ones with diverse abilities and it is important for everyone to learn and to share on how to educate each other. We are celebrating disability week where the attention of Love is given every day at Stella Maris School. The schools principal says everyday there will be activities to honor people with diverse abilities.

Principal: “Today we are having an open day and we are inviting businesses to come and showcase what they do for persons with disabilities, not only students but we have also invited BAPDA, the Inspiration Center , BCVI and all persons from the general public who are living with persons with disabilities to come in and see what’s being offered here today. This is in collaboration with the Disability Awareness week celebrated from the 2nd of December through to the 7th so we have daily events throughout this week and today we have the open day. “

Jose Sanchez: “There were displays and booths by local business.”

Grace Kennedy Rep: “We all need to come together as a community and support, it doesn’t matter who we are, how we are, we should just be there for each other and support and at Grace Kennedy that’s one of our corporate responsibilities to ensure that we could help others.”

Jose Sanchez:Parents like Amy Young from the Belize Autism Support Group were on hand.”

Amy Young: “The Autism Support Group is an initiative that brings awareness to the conditio and the spectrum on a whole and the conditions underneath it. Belize Brain Society and Ms. Ocean the Principal have invited me out to the events because the Belize Brain Society works with the Autism Support Group because you know both are mental conditions that are related to the brain and I am happy to be here today to enlighten parents about education, awareness and the early intervention of diagnosis and health care for children with Autism.”

Jose Sanchez: “Kenneth Mortis the station supervisor for the National Fire Service said they were happy to demonstrate a fire drill for the school. “

Kenneth Mortis, Station Supervisor, National Fire Service: “In order for us to continue to educate the general populace out there about the importance of fire plan, the fire evacuation route and at the end of all that we will have a designated meeting spot so what you see is the Fire Fighters making their primary response. Because we have knowledge of someone trapped we go into search and rescue mode which will be the primary means of attack, we will also have fire fighting and coverage team to extinguish the fire.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.