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Disenchanted standard bearers a no show at PUP rally

Notably absent from this weekend’s PUP Power to the People Tour in Sandhill Village was John Brinceo, Cordel Hyde, Dan Silva, Josue Carballo, Abelard Mai- just a few of the PUP Standard bearers who make up the G-11. With the Prime Minister hinting that the elections will be called early next year, the PUP has to get its act together and the G-11 is not making it better for them. There are some within the party that feel that the G-11 should stop what it is doing and unite with the Leader of the PUP.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

“At the recent Power to the People Tour in Sandhill Village, those who make up the P.U.P’s rogue standard bearers, the G11 were once again absent.

Yasmin Shoman – Standard Bearer, Collet

“Well it is no secret that we have a so called G11 but the difference is the leadership of Francis Fonseca. Francis Fonseca could get rid of anyone of them, all eleven of them if he wanted to but he hasn’t done that because of his maturity and his respect for all thirty standard bearers, he has sat around a table and is willing to listen to their concerns’”

With general elections soon to be called as hinted by Prime Minister Dean Barrow last week, those concerns have to be dealt with and the PUP’s G-11 has to get with the program or the other way round. Whatever the case may be, the PUP has to have all its Standard Bearer in place and in time.

PUP supporter

“We have a G12 and a G11 out there through whose bread is buttered on four sides, six sides, eight sides while we out here are not getting that. Election time is close, we don’t have time to change a party leader with another party leader. We have a party leader right now. They need to call election tomorrow, you know why, because we know we will win.

The G-11, which includes Cordel Hyde, John Briceno and Dan Silva, has said that their objective is not to overthrow Francis Fonseca but rather to reform the party in a proper way.

It was advertised that the PUP’s Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central, John Briceno, would be at the gathering, however he called in sick.

Julius Espat – Deputy Party Leader

“I don’t know if he is sick or not, I know he has been absent, that’s a fact and we all know that’s a fact. Everybody has a different style of politics. Mine is being present with my people and supporting the leadership and doing whatever I can to help the party form government. Maybe Honorable John Briceno has a different style. You have to ask him.

PUP supporter

Because whether they are here or not, they have been saying on the radio, on the tv that they are still supporters of this party. Believe me guys, I want to really believe you, really I want to believe you, however your actions do not lead me to believe you, that some of you or maybe all of you are waiting only to be endorsed or to be nominated and then you will resign to put the P.U.P in a different situation. I want to ask you all, even you who are not here, even Castro was here today which is a shame to all of you.”


Hipolito Novelo – Love News

“What if that is true? What if the rumor turns to be right? How will the PUP deal with it?

 Julius Espat – Deputy Party Leader

“I can tell you that for the People’s United Party to be strong we need everybody on board. That’s another fact and so we are doing everything possible for that to happen. If at the end of the day there are certain people that don’t want to be with us then we will have to move on, on our own, that’s another fact and so you can hope for the best and plan for the worst. 


PUP supporter

“We can’t be worried about what the other standard bearers are doing if they choose to stay outside the fold. That is a decision for them.