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Did a dispute lead Sabino Domiguez to his death?

Earlier this week Police charged two persons, 40-year-old Arnulfo Nunez and 39-year-old Hilcia Cano Arevalo, for the murder of Sabino Santos Dominguez.  Dominguez’s body was found on the side of a road in Franks Eddy Village early last Sunday morning. He had sustained several chop wounds to the head and face.  ACP Joseph Myvett says they have come closer to a possible reason as to why Dominguez was fatally attacked.

ACP Myvette: So far there has seem to have been in a dispute which caused the accused persons and the deceased to get into a confrontation.

Reporter: Has it been confirmed that the machete found in the area was the weapon used.

ACP Myvette: Well the test done on the machete revealed that some blood stains were found on the machete but we at this point in time will not be able to say for certain whether or not that is the machete that was used.


The accused are both Guatemalan nationals and residents of Franks Eddy Village.






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