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District Governor of Rotary International visits Belize

The District Governor of Rotary International, Dr. Jose Interiano, along with his wife Ena, is currently on a tour in Belize and his first stop was in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, yesterday. Love News spoke with the President of the Rotary Club in San Ignacio, Vera Collins who said that Dr. Interiano itinerary.

President Vera Collins: He came across to us because we are closer to the border and we took him to two other projects which is Sebastian which we just built one in Succotz which is the Roman Catholic Primary school in Succutoz and St. Nazarene here San Ignacio so we took him to that and then we went through at the board meeting about what we have we done and what are plans for each year is and then we relaxed and we all met for a social dinner party.”

Dr. Interiano visited the Rotary Club in Belmopan today where similar activities took place. He continues his tour tomorrow making his way to Corozal, San Pedro on Saturday, and in Belize City next week.    Earlier this year, Dr. Interiano was in Belize, back then, he visited the country with the President of Rotary International, Barry Rassin.