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Divers Pull Out from New River Search

Since Monday, authorities in Orange Walk and members of the Belize Coast Guard have been in search of a man that reports indicate had gone into the New River but never came out.  Since the search began the divers and search team had found the body of 21-year-old Carlos Reyes and their efforts continued in locating the second man.  On Wednesday we spoke with Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, the Commander First Fleet of the Belize Coast Guard and he told us that the search was ongoing.  In an update today, Soberanis spoke of the diving team pulling out while the surface search continues.

We had reported previously that there were conflicting reports on the ground as it relates to whether or not there was a second man in the New River.


Preliminary reports are that Reyes and another friend had gone swimming on Monday evening and never came out the water.  According to Deputy Commander of Orange Walk Police, Inspector Nicolas Palomo, an intoxicated Reyes was in a vehicle with 36-year-old Hidalgo Velasquez and while driving along Riverside Street, he noticed a friend sitting on the river bank, came out the vehicle and went to join the friend on the banks of the New River and that’s when the two men went into the river.