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DNA sample is not from Anisha Young

Family Member: “Yes, we got the result for that today.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Can you share with us what they were?

Family Member: “The results came back that it was not a match for Anisha Young.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “I know that must be hard, so what does the family do now that you are faced with the reality of her still missing and not being able to locate her, what’s next?

Family Member: “Yes well, we have to go back to the drawing tables and see what we have missed and continue our investigation. Like we keep on telling the media, our family will not leave Anisha as another statistic, we will not leave this case to be closed just like that, we will do our own investigation and see what we can find. We are lost right now, we don’t know where to start again, what to do but with God’s guidance you know like I said before we are praying family and I know he will guide to our next step because right now we are lost for words.”