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DNA testing results on suspected remains of Anisha Young to take up to six months

On the weekend on December 29 2018, the family of 23-year-old Anisha Young came across some remains as they searched for her in Maskall Village. They came across some hair attached to a weave and skin, which police say is from the bottom of a human foot. Whether or not these are from Young is something that police are still waiting to verify. Police say the remains are being sent for DNA testing. But, the family will have to wait for those results, which will take some months. Jose Espat, who has assisted the family in their search says the family was told it would take as much as six months, but they should not be subjected to such a long wait.

Jose Espat Private Investigator: “At this point the Police has told the family that it would take six months which is a ridiculous amount of time and we are not talking about complicated profiling we are talking about a simple comparative DNA Test which will compare a control sample which would either be samples known to come from Ms. Aniesha Young or the closest relative or the next of Kin to the DNA samples that have been found out in the shallow grave. This relatively should take about one to two weeks and the family has been told they cannot be given a date and that time period is around approximately six months which is ridiculous to me. A Lot things can go cold in a case in six months, I mean you so we need to do better than that.