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DNA tests inconclusive on Remains

A reward of thirty thousand dollars was offered for the return of twenty three year old Anisha Young in December, 2018.  Young went missing after a party and a social outing along Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. Her coworkers and her boyfriend were questioned by the police about her whereabouts. The trail eventually grew cold and the only shred of hope appeared in Maskall Village. Strands of hair attached to a weave were found in a shallow grave along with skin that comes from the bottom of human feet. That circumstantial evidence was enough cause for inquiry as the plantar skin was recovered about a quarter mile from a location that is associated to a person who was initially questioned by the police.   Alejandro Cowo, the officer in charge of Criminal Investigations Branch for Belize City says that the results of the DNA tests are inconclusive.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head C.I.B. Belize City: “This is in reference to the suspected human remains that was found on the old Northern Highway by the Mascal Road which was suspected to be that of Anisha Young. The portion of the remains that were found at the scene was collected by the crime scene technician and it was sent to the forensic laboratory for DNA testing. That sample was sent to Jamaica and the results came back about two weeks ago. The results are mentioning that the sample that was sent cannot be confirmed that the remains are that of Anisha Young. There was no match in regards to the testing that the persons at the lab did to try to get a DNA match with the suspected human remains that was sent. The samples that was provided by the family being the hair sample, vocal swab and other small things that were sent for them to do the comparison. Those comparisons were done along with the suspected human remains but there was no match. If you recall the interview that I gave the last time I mentioned that the doctor mentioned that the portion of the human remains that were found was plantars skin. He also indicated that it is very unlikely that if a test is done that any DNA can be retrieved from that section of the body. It does not necessarily mean that the remains are not for Anisha Young, we are not excluding the possibility that it is her remains. That portion of the human remains that was found is very difficult for anybody to do a DNA testing on that. Like the family, we suspect that the remains probably were the remains of Ms. Young that is still missing.”

The search for Anisha Young continues.