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Doctor Carol Babb Launches Children’s Book About Saving

Tonight, children hearing bedtime stories will perhaps be reading a new story about the importance of saving for a rainy day. The book, written by Doctor Carol Babb, was launched this morning at Holy Redeemer Credit Union. News Editor Dale McDougall and videographer, Scott Tillett attended the event this morning. Here’s that report.

Jacito’s story of learning to save is one of the ways the Holy Redeemer Credit Union is encouraging financial literacy. The story book was penned by Doctor Carol Babb the Credit Union’s Director for Education and saw its official launch at the KRCU conference room in Belize City. According to the author her grandson is the basis of the protagonist and she hopes readers young and old will learn that financial literacy leads to financial independence.

Doctor Carol Babb, Director for Education, Holy Redeemer Credit Union: “Saving is a part of financial literacy and in this story you heard about by grandson Jacito making a goal and then saving toward that goal. So the whole idea for me is to teach young children financial literacy skills at a very young age so that they can learn to save regularly and when they do borrow pay back promptly. And so you want them to realize that saving is important. Saving is important for their education, to buy things they need like a house, a car or even going on a vacation.”

But the launch of the book ties in with two important things: International Credit Union Day and the HRCU’s commitment to national development and excellence and service to the people of Belize. The credit union’s Chief Financial Officer Clement Usher said that the idea of the book had buy in from HRCU almost immediately. 

Clement Usher, Chief Financial Officer, Holy Redeemer Credit Union: “When she approached me about writing a series of short stories to help in promoting financial literacy I immediately became one of her biggest fans. She was strongly encouraged to pursue this undertaking and this morning we are gathered here to launch the very first in a series of children’s illustrated short stories “Jacito Learns to Save”. When Dr.Babb shared with me the first script for my input and comments I immediately fell in love with how she had depicted the story by incorporating the humble beginnings of HRCU.”

Dr.Babb adds that she expects that schools will use it as part of their curricula to expand the student’s understanding of financial literacy and its role in honing important life skills. 

Doctor Carol Babb, Director for Education, Holy Redeemer Credit Union: “While I was Chief Education Officer I was able to ensure that financial literacy became a part of the primary school curriculum. So it will be useful. We are going to donate some of these books to schools so it an be used yes.”

And the book has received a ringing endorsement from one of the country’s foremost educators and literacy experts Dr.Rose Bradley.

Dr.Rose Bradley: “These are the values that are dear to Carol’s heart and the motivating factor that has given birth to Jacito Learns to Save. The story conveys the experience of her life growing up on south side Belize City and the value of saving from the early age through the dialogue between abuelita and Jacito. The author skillfully highlights the role of adults in influencing behavior change. Through the dialogue we see Jacito changing his perspective from ‘I would like a tablet.’ to setting a goal and working to achieve the desired outcome.”

These are the lessons that Dr.Babb and HRCU hopes will not only encourage people to improve their relationships with money but to foster meaningful change in their lives.