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Doctor Escapes Death While Friend Succumbs in Home Invasion

The family of 37-year-old Ian Robert Blair is in mourning over his death which came in the wee hours of this morning at a friend’s home on Simon Lamb Street in Belize City.  It is a story that started out as an apparent home invasion but turned into a homicide with Blair dead and a 44-year-old Nicaraguan doctor hospitalized.  Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dezerie Phillips, who commands the Eastern Division, spoke on the investigation.


“Around 1:45 am this morning police were called to #6 Simon Lamb Street. Upon arrival they were met by Mr.Marcus Rugama Miranda, a medical doctor. Dr. Miranda was observed with one single stab wound to the chest. He reported to police that at around 1:40 am he was inside his premises in the company of a friend Ian Blair and he went outside to the back door to pick in some clothes that he had left on the line and in the process of returning inside he was met by two dark complexioned male persons. One was armed with what he believed to be a firearm and one with a knife. He saw them approaching his friend and in terms of that he reached for different items that he could have put his hands on to ward them off. In that process he was stabbed in the chest. Ian ran to the bedroom and that is when one of the male persons inflicted at least three stab wounds to him, he passed away shortly after.”

Dr Marcus Rugama Miranda was stabbed to the centre of his chest while Blair who resided on Lizarraga Avenue was stabbed twice to the upper left shoulder.  When police responded to the home they found Blair dead on the bedroom floor.  The two assailants escaped from the home with a flat screen television which police has since recovered as explained by ACP Phillips.


“We have to say that community support and cooperation within the area have led us to the recovery of the television and we have three persons in custody who are pending an investigation into this matter. From what we have gathered so far it is two (culprits) but we have three persons in custody. The doctor, the surviving person is in the hospital, we haven’t been able to speak to him to get any information from him other than what he said to us initially when we arrived on the scene. So far the investigation is leading us more in the direction of an aggravated burglary. I would want to say that very soon we will be able to lay charges. I want to thank the community for their cooperation and support, because of their support we are able to be where we are in having three persons in custody and the recovering of the television that was stolen from the premises.”

Dr Rugama migrated from Nicaragua a few years ago and functions as the Urologist for the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Meanwhile Blair was employed at his family’s ice cream business on St Thomas Street.