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Doctors Speak on Snake Man’s Condition

Love News has been following the medical condition of Gilbert Usher since Monday when he was in a critical condition after being bitten by a Fer de Lance or Tommy Goff snake in Lucky Strike Village, Belize District on Sunday at around midday.  At one point, there were concerns that after being bitten several times by the reptilian creatures he keeps as pets that this time he would not have survived.  As fate would have it though, Usher is now stable and doctors are expecting a full recovery.  Dr Pedro Arriaga was the attending physician when Usher was first brought into the emergency room of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.


As we mentioned, there have been other instances where Usher has had to seek medical attention for snake bites and there is a belief that after a while the body becomes immune or allergic to the anti-venom.  According to Dr Jorge Hidalgo, that is not necessarily the case.


Usher’s case of snake bite is not an isolated incident as Dr Arriaga told Love News that they have seen and treated several other cases.


Usher has several snakes that he keeps in a barrel in Lucky Strike Village and uses them as a source of income in the Altun Ha area as he uses them to attract tourists.