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Documentary on Nora Parham being prepared

The motion to pardon the late Nora Parham that was passed in the House of Representatives on Friday is considered historical as it seeks to scrub that stain out of Belize’s history. As viewers can recollect, Parham was unjustly convicted of killing her abusive husband, Ketchell Trapp, a policeman. Minister of Human Development, Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, who tabled the motion, says that it is a way to rectify the miscarriage of justice. During an interview with Love News, we asked Minister Balderamos-Garcia how the ministry intends to correct the matter within the country’s education system. This is what she had to say.

Hon. Dolores Balederamos Garcia, Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs: “Indeed I’m so glad you brought that up. The National Institute for Culture and History which is under the Ministry of Education Culture and Science and Technology they have said that they will attempt to put together a documentary which can correct some of the historical misunderstanding because as we heard in a very touching way as we heard Mr Harry Parham say the children of Nora have grown up with a stigma when people would look at them and say “oh your mommy was violent.” or “Your mommy killed somebody.” and when the true story is told we will see that it is the furthest from the truth. So we are going to work my ministry will work along with NICH and the Ministry of Education to actually document not only what happened but to correct the historical wrong. There wasn’t injustice, it was a colonial system, a colonial set of precedents and the procedures in the court and we believe that she did not get a fair shake – well we know that she did not get a fair shake. There was a defense attorney but it would appear- and you would see in trying to rewrite history we can condemn what happened then and I don’t want to condemn her defense attorney at that time but clearly the issue of the domestic violence, the severe domestic violence that she had experienced absolutely did not come out in court.”