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Does the Collet Division Stand with Faber ?

And while the voices of dissent over Faber’s leadership have been coming from the top, our newsroom went into the Collet division to see if the voters were sharing the same sentiment as the Faber’s peers. Here is what we collected.

Faber’s leadership is not the only factor that has turned one vote against him in Collet. Cecil Martin says he has been asking for medical assistance for some time now but he has been constantly ignored by his Area Representative.

Cecil Martin, Collet Resident: “To be truthful I will tell you he doesn’t have my support because the last time I saw him and told him about my eyes and he didn’t even get back to me and tell me anything. I thanked him for what he did when he was in office with helping my children with the education that was only it because if you notice watch my house, look inside, it’s learning down and breaking up and I asked and asked for help and I still haven’t gotten support yet. My children don’t have a job, I don’t have a job right now due to my eyes I can’t see gain I can’t even go to the little market to scrape a little fish and hustle so I am punishing right now but God will provide or me some kind of way with my little s on that’s trying to drop in their little piece or so.”

Faber has been serving in the Collet division for some eighteen years as the Area Rep.