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Does the Prime Minister know about PUC’s questionable spending?

Is Prime Minister Dean Barrow familiar with the findings of Accountant Cedric Flowers as it relates to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC)? Among the leaked documents there is a document entitled “Report for the Prime Minister”. That document contains further questionable financial transactions and practices. For instance, it points out that in 2016 the PUC operated without a budget. This was concluded after auditors did not see any figures or documents relating to the 2016 budget among the financial statements provided. According to the document, the PUC racked up seventy-five thousand dollars in credit card expenses on an annual basis, totaling more than two hundred and seventy thousand dollars in credit card expenses allegedly not related to PUC activities. The document alleges that on several occasions income tax withheld was not deducted from the initial contract value for a program. The Raspberry Pi Program and the Cyber Security Symposium are used as examples. It says that a separate check of twenty-five percent of the principal cost was made out to pay the tax. The documents speak of a land transaction in which the seller nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars for thirteen point five acres of land. That is more than seventy thousand dollars per acre. According to figures in the document, an additional three hundred thousand dollars was paid to fill only three acres of that piece of land. Another piece of information that raised our eyebrows is the write off of vehicles purchased by the PUC. The allegation is that after four years of purchasing the vehicles, they are sold to Commissioners and staff for about two thousand dollars when the market value is much higher. We are not certain if the Prime Minister received this report. We have asked him and his CEO via text but none have replied to our inquiries.