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Dollar Van Taxi Man Gunned Down in Old Capital

Forty-year-old Haitian Odner Estizeine who was shot at Friday evening died while undergoing treatment. Police report that Estizeine, a taxi driver was driving his grey Dodge van and when he approached the corner of  Complex Avenue and Jones Street several shots were fired. Estizeine was shot to the right upper side of his back. Police report that he died while receiving treatment. At the press briefing this morning, police said they still have no motive for Estizeine’s murder.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander Eastern Division South

“No motive has been determined as yet but it is suspected that the vehicle would have been used to commit a robbery, but that has not been established as yet, so the motive remains unknown at this time.”

Police presence was in the immediate area, as a matter, a fact police were able to engage the shooter so police had fired shots at the shooter. The police actually saw persons, so as a result of the ongoing operation.”

Reporter: Do you all have any suspects at this time

“We know who we are looking for.”


Estizeine’s nephew, Chenalson told the media today that the family does not know what transpired on Friday evening or why he was targeted.  He says he last saw his uncle on Thursday night after he came back from school and ate dinner that his uncle had prepared for them. Estizeine then left for work the following morning. Chenalson recalled that he got a call that afternoon and learned that his uncle had been shot.


“He’s a sweet guy, he is always smiling, and he never has issues with somebody. He is a peaceful person like he doesn’t deserve to die like that.”


“He has received any threats or any such thing before in relation to anything.”


“No, I am not sure because we are not together all day. When he is out he is by himself driving and then if I am not at school then I am doing something else.”


“You don’t think it might have been like a robbery or something to that effect.”


No, I’m not sure because we haven’t heard anything like that


“Are you fearful? Is the family fearful.”



Odner Estizeine moved to Belize in 2003. His wife and children live in the US and some of his other relatives live in Belize.