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Dolores Balderamos Garcia says Belize Rural Central needs solid representation

It is convention season for the People’s United Party and while some standard bearers have been set in place in several divisions, none has officially been elected in the Belize Rural Central Division. Longtime PUP member Rene Skeen has submitted his application and so has Dolores Balderamos Garcia, a senior woman in politics and in the PUP. Balderamos Garcia ran in the last general elections but lost to the UDP Beverly Williams by less than sixty votes. She had plans to step aside and support Christopher Coye but Coye has now decided to step aside and support Balderamos Garcia. She says her decision to contest the convention is based on the belief that Belize Rural Central needs solid representation.

Dolores Balderamos Garcia, PUP Standard Bearer: “I don’t want to sound immodest here but the response really has been tremendous. People are saying ‘Miss D you need to come forward, we need women in politics, we need you in politics.” and I really can say that on the Facebook the response really has been overwhelming and so once more unto the breach. It’s never easy I think Valerie said this the other day it’s never easy but once you feel you have that support and that will and I do believe and I say this putting on the full political cap now Belize Rural Central needs solid representation and also we have to reverse some of the negative trends, all of the negative trends happening in Belize today and I firmly believe that with the help of my people we can begin to reverse that. As anybody who knows me and our team can tell you, we work indefatigably, we get out there, we register our people, we are in touch with our people whether it’s Gales Point, Mahogany Heights, the presence is there and the amount of political work that we put in cannot be denied whatsoever. So I believe that this time and having maintained the support and the commitment of many people who matter and we believe we can get out there and cause the difference this time for sure. Let me just say that for example in Caribbean Shores I think the present representative won by 56 so he won by less vote than what I went down by so we are saying basically that once we put on the political cap again and once we put on the tennis shoes we are going to make  it happen this time. Belize absolutely needs it.”

The PUP Belize Rural Central committee has met and is requesting from the party to have a decision as quickly as possible. Deadline for applications is June 22.