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A domestic dispute ends with several injured family members

A domestic dispute has led to a traffic incident where four persons were injured. Correspondent Fem Cruz filed this report during which several persons including children were knocked down allegedly on purpose.

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Sometime around 1:30am 37 year old Jessica Sagastume, the Financial Officer for the Ministry of Health Western Region along with her two kids and nephew were ran over by a grey Saturn car after being involved in a violent domestic dispute with her common law husband Darrell Usher. Blanca Choc who escaped from the incident this morning gave us her side of the story.

Voice of Witness:  “This morning we were at my cousin’s house in Salvapan when this man came, the boyfriend of my cousin, came and knocked us with his vehicle. He ran into four of us, my son Jorge and Javi, my cousin Jessica.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Tell us the condition of Ms.Jessica.

Voice of Witness:  “She is really bad right now, she can’t walk both of her feet are fractured and my son is also hurt bad he has a lot of scratches and my daughter because she had a surgery.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: What is your daughter’s name ?

Voice of Witness:  “Javi.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Ma’am we were told that your sister actually ran in front of the vehicle to protect the three kids when she was ran over is that true?

Voice of Witness:  “Yes.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Do you know if the police have anyone arrested at this time ?

Voice of Witness:  “Not as yet.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: What did the police tell you a while ago?

Voice of Witness:  “They told us that they can’t find the man and that it looks like he is hiding but the police are still trying to find him but up until now they can’t get him. I want the police to help and do something for this because it’s too much now.”

Fem Cruz, Love FM: Is this an ongoing issue with your sister and this person ?

Voice of Witness:  “Yes, he always does that to my cousin, he always threatens us when we go and stop him from beating my sister.”