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Domestic violence persistent in Lucas/Mejia relationship says Police

Thirty-two-year-old Bartholomew Lucas is recovering from gunshot wounds to his groin area after reportedly being shot by his common-law-wife thirty-three-year-old Tanice Mejia on Wednesday morning. She is now in police custody and police continue to investigate the incident. Neighbors say that the couple had a toxic relationship in which Mejia was subjected to domestic violence. Today police say that the department does indeed have records of domestic violence reports of the couple.

INSP WIlfredo Ferrufino:What Police know at this time is that Mr. Lucas and his common law were involved in a domestic dispute and somewhere in that dispute a firearm was produced and the injuries were inflicted on him. We have the common law of Mr. Lucas in custody and the matter is being investigated. There has been numerous reports from both parties at the domestic violence branch.”

Reporter: “Anything to suggest whether it was self defense?”
INSP WIlfredo Ferrufino: “We have obtained statements from both parties and those statements are being forwarded to the DPP for her directives.”

Inspector Ferrufino says neither of the couple had a licenced firearm and have not located the one used in the crime. Three expended nine millimeter caliber shells were found on the scene.