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Done with the Antibiotics, Says Bureau of Standards

Today the Belize Bureau of Standards and the Ministries of Health and Agriculture are commemorating World Consumer Rights Day which will be officially observed tomorrow, Tuesday March 15. The theme for this year’s World Consumer Rights Day is “ANTIBIOTICS OFF THE MENU”. According to the Liaison Officer for the Belize Bureau of Standards, Rodolfo Gutierrez, the theme highlights the global commitment to stop the sale of meat raised with the routine use of antibiotics.


A half day sensitization event to commemorate this special day was held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City where speakers from both private and public sector organizations made presentations on this topic and its impact on the  situation in Belize. One of the stakeholders that support the initiative is the Belize Poultry Association as explained by Manager Armando Cowo.


According to Cowo, the Belize Poultry Association is comprised of over three hundred members. The World Health Organization has warned that, without urgent action, we are heading for a post-antibiotic era, in which important medicines stop working and common infections and minor injuries can prove fatal.