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Double Fatality in Northern Belize

There have been several, fatal traffic accidents reported in our news recently. The one that occurred on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 72 and 73 was no less brutal. On Wednesday, after 1:30 in the afternoon a red freightliner and a white Ford Ranger collided on the road. The police say that the driver of the Ford Ranger, Odumaro Chan and his wife Romana both died shortly after the impact.  

A.C.P. Joseph Myvett – Head National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Corozal Police was called to the scene of a road traffic accident between miles 72 and 73 on the Philip Goldson Highway which is near the San Narciso Road Junction. Upon arrival, police observed a red Freightliner truck which was being driven by Eric Earmuff and the truck was southbound whilst they observed a white Ford Ranger which at the time was being driven by Odumaro Chan which was northbound. What we have learned so far is that Mr. Chan was northbound and whilst reaching the area of the accident he decided to make a left turn to go towards the San Narciso Junction and in so doing the Freightliner which was coming from the opposite direction collided into the Ford Ranger Pick up. At the time Mr. Chan’s passenger was his wife Romana Chan who apparently sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead on the spot whilst Mr. Chan died whilst being transported for medical attention. Statements have been recorded so far and a notice of intended prosecution was served on Mr. Earmuff whilst the investigation is still ongoing. From what we know or what the scene showed is that Mr. Chan was attempting to go across the highway on the opposite side of the highway from where he was.”

This is the second road traffic accident in a week involving passenger vehicles and freightliner trucks resulting in fatalities.