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Double murder in San Ignacio

Residents of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District received a shock when two people were killed on Saturday night. The incident occurred at Tai Kong Supermarket as the employees were closing up shop.

Residents of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District received a shock when two people were killed on Saturday night. The incident occurred at Tai Kong Supermarket as the employees were closing up shop. The victims, 32-year-old Shawn Vasquez, a security guard, and 33-year-old Marva Rivera, a cashier, were outside with Rivera’s husband, Richard Rivera, when the shots were fired. Richard, who manages the store, survived the incident, and told us that he was grazed by a bullet.

Richard Rivera, Husband: “I just came out of work, we jumped in my vehicle and we started up and we were going to leave at the same time the security was right beside us too and he stopped and he hailed us and he said ‘Yeah rich man. Yeah Marv.’ and we were like ‘Yeah, tomorrow.’ and as soon as that happened the guy just started to fire shots at us. When the shots fired I just put my vehicle in drive and I just sped off because I didn’t know what was going on I just heard “Bang.Bang.Bang” and I just put my vehicle in drive and I sped off. It was like luck I had it started because right now I think I would have probably died too. When I sped off I still continued hearing shootin and when I reached the hospital everything with my wife that is when I saw that my truck was hit too. I don’t have problems with anybody. She is always a happy person, she always makes everybody laugh. I can’t explain it but she’s very happy, she was a happy wife to me. She was the most loving person, she was supposed to take her mom on a holiday when my boss came back and after that the following week we were going on a three day vacation with my son.“

Rivera stated that he does not know what could have caused someone to shoot his wife. Marva’s mother, Eloisa Itch, is grieving alongside her son-in-law. According to her, her daughter does not always work late into the night.

Eloisa Itch, Mother: “She always loved to talk, especially to Martha to her other sister. She always advised my daughters. When she would go out or I would go out with her to spend she would say ‘ma I will give you this and I will give daddy this.’ because she and her father were close. My husband cried. It hurt me because when my mom passed away she was the one who put her hands on me. Could have shot on the foot but not to kill my daughter, why did they do it ? Marva didn’t do anything to anyone. If Marva could help you Marva would help you.”

Vasquez’s mother is also grieving for her son. Carmela Cain told us that Vasuqez would have been celebrating his 33rd birthday at the end of the month.

Carmelita Cane, Mother of Deceased: “My oldest daughter I heard her crying and she told me ‘Mommy they just done shoot Shawn.’ so I just broke down and started to cry and I feel like a piece of me just left. I feel like I didn’t have anything in my stomach. Just piece of me went away. I used to look at the ladies them on TV that lose their child and use to have pity on them and sorry for them but I didn’t know that one day this was going to happen to me and it really hurt me. It hurts me a lot you know why it hurts me a lot ? He already shot my son then he stood over my son and shot him again. When I look at my self I saw my son because he looked just like me. He was a loving son with lots of love and respect. You know my favorite memory like when he comes in he would say ‘Hi Mrs.Caine how are you.’ and you know I’d say ‘I’m fine son.’ and you know things like that but sometimes when he’d come in and he’d say ‘Hi mommy how are you ? You know you are my number one mom.’ and he’d give me a hug and a kiss. My son was loving. I’d like to say to the public and the person who killed my son must remember that I am a woman of God and I pray a lot and I believe that God is going to give me my justice and I believe that the God that I served is going to bring him in no matter who he is and no matter what he does.”

Vasquez had 5 step-daughters; the youngest is 6-years-old. Rivera has one 7-year-old son. Police have not been able to ascertain a motive in this double homicide, but state that they have one person detained. Reports are that the person is a soldier of the Belize Defence Force.