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Double Murder in Orange Walk

What was supposed to be an evening of competition and jubilation ended in tragedy yesterday in Orange Walk Town.  The finals of the mundialito competition sponsored by Minister Elodio Aragon took place at the Louisiana Football Field. However, just before the winners could be awarded, mayhem ensued as the game was also the setting for a brutal hit. Love News traveled to Orange Walk Town to find answers as to the cause of the violence.

A football tournament in Orange Walk town ended with tragedy as two men were gun downed outside the Louisiana Government  School Football Stadium on Sunday evening. The police say the victims were hit with at least half a dozen times each by bullets.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Around 5:30 pm police responded to information of a shooting incident on Zericote St. which is opposite the Louisiana Football field where they observed two male persons with multiple gunshot injuries. One of those person was identified to be Junior Tremenio 34 years and the other person was Christopher Calderon 19 years. Both were transported to the Northern  Regional Hospital where Treminio was pronounced dead on arrival whilst Calderon died whilst undergoing surgery sometime around 6:30 pm yesterday. So far the Police was able to gather that both deceased persons were socializing with a group of other persons sometime around 5:20 pm when a white Jeep approach the area and a male person exited the Jeep and who was armed with a handgun and wearing a ski mask and began firing rounds into the crowd. As a result both persons were injured and they ran into a nearby yard in an attempt to escape but were followed by the shooter who continued shooting. Thereafter he then made good his escape in the same white Jeep that he arrived in. The scene was visited and processed where 16 expended shells were found. During the examination it was found that Treminio received 7 gunshot injuries some to the body and some to the head whilst Christopher Calderon received 6 gunshot injuries; some to the body and some to the head. So far we know for certain that Mr. Treminio had several cases of drug trafficking before the Courts and we know he does associate with a group of persons we consider to be gang.

By all accounts Junior Trimino was a marked man. This Facebook post made in the name of another deceased man only summarizes the hate towards him even in death. And by equally similar accounts 19 year old Christopher Calderon had everything to live for. He should have started his second year at a college today. But he sat next to Junior Trimino at the football stadium and that was all it took for his life to be cut short.

Voice of Christopher Calderon’s Cousin: “They told me he was going to play football and when he reached the place he sent me a message and wish me Happy Birthday because I have been staying with my Grandma for the past weeks and I know he plays football so he usually goes out with his friends. I do know that he did not do anything wrong. He wasn’t not a part of no gang like people say. We know him from small; we didn’t even know that he knew the other person who died. Wrong place, wrong time and wrong people because he was not a target.”

Orange Walk’s Mayor Kevin Bernard was at the football field. The aftermath was caught on several cell phones.

Kevin Bernard, mayor of Orange Walk Town: “We were waiting for the preparation for us to give out the prizes and so when they heard a few rounds of shots. At first I initially thought wow!. These guys are celebrating with fireworks but when I looked up I saw nothing. The person that was next to me said no no that is not fireworks Mayor. He said  that sounds like gunshot and then we heard another set of gunshots rang out and then that’s when I saw people that were sitting on the fence. They started to scramble and then people ran out from field out onto the street. This thing happen right in front of a lot of people. From what I know there were a lot of young people sitting on the fence, sitting on the vehicles outside watching the game from inside and when this happened it kind of put a lot of people in panic because you know it is a very busy area. People travel everyday and in the games it’s always crowded. It was the finals and you know there was a lot of people; a lot of young people especially were out so it’s a terrible tragedy when things like this, activities like this happen right in the middle of an activity where young people are and families are gathered to enjoy themselves.”

Voice of Christopher Calderon’s Cousin: “Today he was going back to school. He was my little cousin, my only little cousin. Just now he meant everything to us. He was not a bad guy, he was never in trouble, giving us no hard time, no police anything.”

Reporter: He never came to you and said you know i have a problem with this person or somebody was bothering him?

Voice of Christopher Calderon’s Cousin: “No he never did; he used to go to my house. He has my little sister that helps him with homework. After homework he went home. He has so much friends. Everyone knows him as a calm, he barely speaks, only with his smile; he talks to everyone.”

Jose Sanchez: What school was he planning to go back to today?

Voice of Christopher Calderon’s Cousin: Escuela

One person has been detained for questioning.